CORA: the neighbor we need

Each neighbor is enough. Every neighbor deserves enough.

If you have items to spare, here’s an easy and discreet way to put it to use in your own neighborhood. By hosting or donating to a Hope Chest food pantry box, you’re offering your neighbors in need a respectful and easily accessible way to get what they need directly from neighbors who care. Take what you need, give what you can – and everyone could have enough.

Can I Be a Hope Chest Host?

Do you have a privately owned spot that is accessible to anyone in need, 24/7?

Do you have about 5 minutes each week to check on your Hope Chest for expired or inappropriate items?

Can you keep your Hope Chest clear of snow, ice and other debris?

If you answered yes, then YES! You CAN be a Hope Chest Host! Use our box or make your own. We suggest metal 2-drawer filing cabinets and weather-safe spray paint. Ours are free to use and we will drop off and pick back up at your request, no questions asked.

All donations are covered by the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act of 1996. Donors cannot be held liable for any donations made to food pantries in good faith. Your donations are safely, discretely and directly given back to YOUR neighbors.

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